Grace Adams Nutrition

Nutritional Therapy

Though nutritional therapy Grace provides personalised evidence based nutritional advice on what to eat. She takes a naturopathic approach which means looking to food and lifestyle as a first port of call to support health. The nutrients and components of food can influence the body’s functions, protect it from disease, and re-programme it towards health. Nutritional therapy can support and balance many aspects of health such as:

  • Addressing digestive issues
  • Supporting the skin
  • Improving energy levels
  • Aiding cleansing processes
  • Supporting the immune system
  • Aiding restorative sleep 
  • Improving blood sugar balance
  • Balancing hormones
  • Supporting brain health
  • Supporting fertility

Please get in touch via the contact form or book a free 15 minute chat if you have any questions about how nutritional therapy can help you.


After discussing with you the symptoms you are experiencing and your current situation, Grace will draw up an individualised plan making recommendations of food choices, lifestyle changes and supplements if necessary, in order to support and nourish the systems of the body.

Grace draws from evidenced-based research, naturopathic knowledge and the systems based functional medicine approach, in order to recommend specific changes and adjustments that will help you on your health journey.

She may recommend functional diagnostic testing in order to further understand your symptoms from a physiological perspective. This could be for example, but not limited to, nutrient levels, stool, or detoxification analysis.

Brain health programme

Do you find it hard to focus and concentrate on tasks? Do you suffer from brain fog? Do you struggle with low mood of anxiety? Can you feel yourself becoming more forgetful and finding it difficult to retain information? Are you tired all the time? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, now is the time to act. Our modern diet and 21st century living can take its toll on the brain – degeneration affects individuals of all ages and often begins long before physical symptoms are evident. A decline in brain health as we age is not inevitable – the brain is resilient and can thrive at any age when given the right conditions.